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The Wafer

by Arthur Danin Adler

Play and Screenplay

In the deception and distortion of today's politics, a band of Latin rebels is floundering in their attempt to overthrow a brutal regime. Though the suppressed population adores and supports the group, the rebellion is failing. Rebel leader, Juan Castia, is haunted by nightmares that underscore his doubt and lack of resolve. In a desperate attempt to spur the rebellion into a full-blown revolution, a decision is made: Castia will allow himself to be captured, to be given up to the authorities who will be forced to martyr him. The result will be a symbol... to enflame and lead the country to its freedom.

 With an eerie parallel to the Christ-story, Castia persuades his young "son" to instigate the betrayal to the police. It works! The execution of Castia launches a widespread uprising that brings down the regime. But betrayal breeds betrayal. The revolutionary government becomes a newly costumed version of the "pigs" they deposed. The final blow to the zeal and idealism comes in the revelation that Castia was never executed. He lives and he will remain a hidden prisoner for the rest of his life as his former comrades canonize him for the sake of the "people."

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