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Aladdin's Electric Lamp

A Fantasy by Arthur Danin Adler

An apparently light, comic fantasy with a strange, sinister undertone. It uses a continuous flow of lyric dialogue, time-shifts, backflashes, comedic bits, music and dance.

ROBERT, who describes himself as a "New York night-owl with steel fingers and a tongue of ice", narrates a chain of incidents that changes his life forever. One unusual morning, he finds himself in Central Park and is suddenly overwhelmed by a young woman, SHE, who attaches herself to him and follows him home. She communicates in ways he doesn't understand. All he knows is that she is the most beautiful, desirable, all-embracing person he has ever met. But he has a problem. He is living with another woman, MADELINE, who he considers the most fulfilling woman he has ever met. Aye, there's the rub! And rub they do as they take us through what makes ROBERT run, what makes MADELINE rebound, and what makes SHE
... She!

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